About Me

Hello everyone!

I’m Alex (the blonde one).


I am a travel nurse originally out of Indiana, traveling with my husband and 9 month old daughter, Millie. I have always loved to bake and cook since I was a kid. I remember pulling up a chair next to my dad at dinnertime and helping him with whatever he needed. After college I really started honing in on my baking/cooking and decided that my heart was truly in baking.

Since then I have tried to bake anything and everything whenever I could. Anybody have a birthday coming up? Family get together? Holidays? Count me in! I tend to be one that likes to over do it but nobody seems to complain!

Anywho, I made this site to start a collection of all my favorite recipes as well as a place to store new ones (good and bad). A place to experiment with new techniques and hone in on my baking skills.

Feel free to comment any feedback on posts or send me any ideas you’d love to see me make!

Happy baking!!