St. Patricks Day Cookies

Hi guys!

I know there hasn’t really been any activity on here lately…oops. Sorry about that! But that is mainly because I have really focused all my baking time on macarons and customized decorated sugar cookies.

I want to start posting the photos of the cookie sets I create without having to worry about recipes and instructions. So enjoy some pretty pictures and let me know what you think!


I am obsessed with how these shamrocks turned out! The marbled dip technique was super easy and something I will definitely be using again in the future.


I wanted to do something I little different than the traditional “pot of gold” so I put my spin on it and did a pot of festive sprinkles. You can buy the sprinkles here.


I don’t feel like St. Patricks Day is complete without a rainbow somewhere, right??


And we can definitely not forget most people’s favorite item on St. Patricks Day, beer!


I seriously could not get enough of these shamrocks! *insert heart eyed emoji here*


One more picture of the “pot of sprinkles”.


And last but not least, a new flavor of macarons I tried, Andes Mint Cheesecake. Green and gold for obvious reasons. Follow me on facebook to find out how to order these for yourself! Plus I ship!

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